Taryn Center Computer Lab

The core of the Taryn Educational Resource Center is the up-to-date computer lab on the second floor. The lab contains 21 laptop computers that are pre-loaded with educational materials for grades 1 through 12. These computers are not only very valuable for classroom instruction but are also allowing the school to become a community adult education center.

Love the Children is very excited about all the opportunities that these computers are making available. The teachers and students are using them during the school day to supplement their classroom instruction. During evenings and on weekends they are available for students and adults to use for research and study. The building has electric lights and fans. It was the first fully electrified building and computer lab in this part of Haiti. In January of this year, Yvronel Sobias, the Director of the Taryn Center, assisted the neighboring St. Timothee Episcopal School install a small computer lab. He is working with the children there, as well.

Pastor Training

The vast majority of Haitians are professing Christians. Many of them have a deep faith that can only be explained as being the result of knowing that God is the only one on whom they can rely. As difficult as their life is in Haiti, they rejoice in their eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. We have seen and heard, however, signs of their culture, including Voodoo, creeping in and distorting the gospel. While we are not capable or desiring to judge their culture or to impose our own on them, we are concerned that they may be missing all that God has in store for them. Over the past few years, we have discussed this with some of the local pastors. They have explained that most pastors in rural Haiti have little education at all and no formal bible or theological education. Young pastors simply work and study under an older pastor. As a result, both good and bad teachings are passed down. They have expressed that they would be interested in any bible and theological training that we could help make available to them.

There is at least one seminary, located in Port au Prince, and a few bible schools in Port au Prince and Cap Haitian, but none located within a four-hour drive of the area in which we work. There are, however, numerous sources of bible and theological study available on the internet. Now that the Taryn Educational Resource Center is operational in Larevwa, we are able to obtain the necessary training materials on-line. When the Taryn Center was in the early planning stage, we began looking into bible and theological training that we might be able to utilize. The criteria we used was 1. solid orthodox theology, 2. presented in Haitian Creole or French, and 3. affordable tuition. After looking at several options, we arrived at Christian Leaders Institute. We first became interested in CLI because their tuition is donation based and many of their classes are taught in both English and French. In order to test their theology, we monitored several of their classes. We have determined that the Christian Leaders Institute classes will become the core curriculum used in the new Pastor Training Center. It is our desire to be able to translate additional educational materials in the future. Pastors and aspiring pastors will attend online class lectures over the large monitor located in the Taryn Center they will then be able to attend discussion groups in the classrooms. Students will then take tests individually, online in the computer lab. Christian Leaders Institute will grade tests and maintain records of student progress. Bob Lichy has become listed as a Mentor Minister by Christian Leaders Assembly and will be guiding the students through the education and ordination process.

Adult Education

Most adults in rural Haiti have little or no education and are unable to help their children with their studies. Perhaps one of the most valuable gifts that we can give the children we serve is to help their parents obtain an education. Mr. Zamy and Justin Marcel have begun teaching classes for adults in the Taryn Center in the evening and on weekends.

Adult Student are very proud to be learning.

Justin tells the story of one of his students who went to the bank in nearby Bainet to receive a money transfer. When she needed to sign the transfer paper, instead of making her usual mark or “X”, she was able to write her full signature, for the first time. She was so excited that she hurried back to the village and went door to door telling her neighbors about her accomplishment.​